Business Development Volunteer

3-4 hours per week for 8 weeks
Wandsworth Learning Dfficulties Network - is a service user involvement project of Wandsworth Care Alliance. The project aims to empower people with learning difficulties and their carers to speak up and express their views about the services that matter to them.

This organisation are looking for a volunteer to undertake business development research on how they might establish a new 'quality checking' service, that would assess the accessability of local health and social care services' for people with learning disabilities. The volunteer will research existing models of quality checking services in London and beyond (through internet, telephone and possibly face to face visits) and produce a report on the range of available tools, training and possible costs to make recommendations on the best way forward for Wandsworth Learning Difficulties Network.

We're looking for someone with business planning and development experience and the ability to undertake research and write a report.