Develop a furniture donation scheme for refugees

4 - 8 hours a week for at least 6 months
Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees - is a network of organisations working with and supporting refugees and individuals who would like to welcome refugees to Wandsworth. The group aims to support foster carers and landlords to welcome refugees to Wandsworth, to challenge negative stereotypes and advocate to local councillors and MPs. WWR has an active coordinating group and growing membership with 4 defined working groups.

Set up and run a scheme to match up offers of furniture with refugee families and individuals in need of furniture. Help organise storage, transport and a system for sharing needs and offers. This is a great opportunity to do something needed - many refugees and asylum seekers in Wandsworth need furniture, for example, a family with 6 children who don't have any beds to sleep on. There are also lots of people offering furniture, but at the moment no one to match the offers with the people who need them. The furniture donation scheme was identified as a much needed initiative by organisations working with refugees in Wandsworth.

We're looking for someone who is self-motivated, likes a challenge and is a problem solver with a 'can do' attitude. Someone able to network and ask people and organisations for favours and support, and a team player who can use computers would be ideal. The volunteer will be hosted and managed by the Katherine Low Settlement, a member of Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees and there are plenty of people ready to support you! This project could potentially be open to a group of 2+ people who would like to work together.