Trustee with marketing/communications skills

Trustees attend 4 meetings per year with a commitment of at least 12 months.
Sen Talk - is a dynamic local charity dedicated to supporting children and young people with high functioning autism and attention deficit disorder living in South London. The organisation aims to support the whole family, providing training and education for parents and carers, as well as pastoral care and accessible drop-in support sessions in a range of therapeutic areas. Sen Talk also works to advocate for young individuals living with ASD or ADHD diagnosis, especially those attending mainstream education, and those not accessing sufficient support. The charity aims to empower individuals but also to raise awareness around higher functioning disabilities, which are often misunderstood.

Sen Talk is currently looking for a new trustee who will assist with directing the affairs of this growing charity, ensure it is well run, and make sure it delivers on the charitable outcomes it was set up for. In particular, the Trustees are responsible for helping to plan the strategic future of Sen Talk and to make key strategic decisions that relate to Sen Talk and its activities. Main duties include focusing on critical strategic issues, assisting with organisational growth, being involved in and providing advice and guidance on new initiatives or on other issues in which an individual Trustee has special expertise.

As a growing, working model we are particularly interested in recruiting a new Trustee who can offer support in Marketing and Communication. It would be advantageous, but not necessary, if individuals had specific skills within Special Educational Needs and/or experience working within the Charity Sector.