Legal counsel

3-6 hours comprising one (ideally) face-to-face meeting and some follow-up time.
Thessaly Oasis Community Group - represents the diverse individuals and community groups local to the Thessaly Oasis space (Thessaly Road, SW8) who want to see this neglected space better served and remain accessible to the community. There are currently over 20 organisations involved and the group brings together local residents from Lambeth and Wandsworth to explore the futures of the Thessaly Road Oasis Recreation Space that has remained mostly unmaintained for over a decade. They will begin by organising clean-up and pilot opportunities to determine which activities within this space would best suit the community.

Independent legal counsel to assist in unraveling questions around community recreation space that the Thessaly Oasis group is hoping to revive for the benefit of Wandsworth and Lambeth residents. Assistance is needed in regards to understanding the status, access and maintenance of the site.

We are looking for someone with a legal background who will be able to assist in understanding some of the issues around parks/open spaces.