Volunteer recruitment consultant

30 hours over 3 months
Wandsworth Oasis - is a local charity raising money through 7 charity shops in the borough of Wandsworth for projects that support local people living with HIV along with awareness raising and HIV prevention activities. The money raised is used to support other charities working with people living with HIV or undertaking prevention work and Wandsworth Oasis concentrates on raising as much money as possible for these fantastic organisations. We are passionate about our cause, but like to put the fun into fundraising - we like to express our values of compassion, humour and quirkiness in everything we do.

Develop a plan to increase the ease with which Wandsworth Oasis can regularly recruit volunteers in the community to support its shops as well as its other activities. The organisation depends on volunteer support and is constantly looking for new volunteers. It would be very helpful to have our current approach assessed and a volunteer recruitment strategy developed. It would also be useful to have an updated volunteer pack created. The organisation has extensive experience managing volunteers and has just completed a new video about our volunteers that provides a good overview of our approach - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJo9fchPc34

We are looking for someone with an interest in volunteering and in the local community who is good at research and is interested/experienced in different ways of spreading information locally.