Social media advisor

12 - 15 hours (over approximately 2 months - to be negotiated with the organisation)
Aspire2Inspire Dyslexia - is raising awareness of dsylexia within the community and encouraging entrepreneurship amongst dyslexics. They support dsylexic adults who want to return to education or engage in apprenticeships or employment. Their aim is to provide one to one support to adults who want to reach their full potential by identifying their skills and talents and utilizing them to the best of their ability.

Create a user-friendly social media strategy for this newly formed organisation. Develop key messages and guidelines on how often and what to post on social media to raise the profile of the organisation.

We are looking for someone with a knowledge of how to use social media who can provide guidance on the best ways for us to engage with it to raise the visibility of our organisation. We are a small team with many commitments so need an easy, straightforward strategy that will not feel overwhelming.