Are you looking for a skilled volunteer?

Link Up is committed to helping charitable organisations improve their capacity and increase their impact through working with skilled volunteers.

To have a Link Up volunteer consultant with your organisation you will need to:

  • Be based in Wandsworth.
  • Have liability insurance in place.
  • Have a clear, defined project with specified timeframe.
  • Have a structure in place to manage the volunteer.

To be considered for a volunteer, please complete the Project Request Form. Link Up is happy to assist with the application if needed, just get in touch.

Project Request Form

Some ways volunteer consultants can help your organisation


Finance and accounting systems development or review, computer training, legal advice, human resource policy development or review, creating an employee handbook, developing a contacts database, etc.

Marketing and Communications

Developing a communications strategy, creating marketing materials, writing a newsletter or annual review, brochure graphic design, producing a video, photography, case study development, storytelling, etc.

Online Platforms

Developing a social media plan, website design, setting up social media processes, etc.


Developing a website. conducting a tech systems review, google apps setup, prototyping a mobile site, etc.


Conducting an evaluation, developing a monitoring system, conducting an online survey, assisting with programme development, etc.


Developing a fundraising strategy, creating a corporate fundraising campaign, donor identification, donor recruitment, grant applications, creating a pitch for funders, etc

Strategy and Governance

Serving as a trustee, advising on strategic development, conducting a board assessment, creating trustee policies and procedures, developing a branding message, facilitating a strategy session, writing a strategic plan, conducting a swot analysis, etc