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Link Up Battersea brings together volunteers willing to share their professional skills with local charities, community groups and social enterprises who need those skills to make a real difference in the community.

Link Up is now expanding throughout the borough of Wandsworth.

“An incredibly positive experience overall.”Pelin B, Link Up Battersea Volunteer



There are many people like you who have skills and time they would like to share but don't always know how to go about doing this.

Link Up provides skills-based volunteering in a structured and professional enviroment for people to undertake meaningful projects that have flexible time commitments. Whatever your skills may be - design, finance, marketing, photography, to name only a few, they are needed in your community


Charities are feeling the pinch from dwindling financial support and can struggle to access the resources they need to have the impact they desire.

Volunteer consultants' professional skills, energy and talents increase charitable organisations' effectiveness in reaching those who need them most.


Link Up aims to strengthen the Wandsworth community by connecting available resources to need. In doing so, individuals and groups who might not have met otherwise, learn about each other, improve understanding and become more connected.


Volunteering has been proven to have a positive impact on health and confidence. It is a great way to get to know others and provides an opportunity to practise existing skills or learn new ones. It allows for new experiences and affords a sense of achievement and much, much more...


Marketing development support

Approximately 50 hours over 6 months (approx 8 hours a month)
ValueYou - is a volunteer recognition scheme that provides discount cards and gift vouchers to volunteers who have given 100 hours or more of their time to a registered charity or hospital. The scheme is delivered thanks to the generosity of small independent businesses who offer the discounts and gifts free of charge. Discounts are sourced from the small local businesses and local charities are informed about the scheme so that their volunteers can apply for the card. The aim of the scheme is to strengthen local communities by providing positive recognition to volunteers, bring the charitable and business sectors together and encourage volunteers to visit independent high street businesses.

Launched in Wandsworth in 2016, ValueYou needs assistance in promoting their scheme to voluntary organisations and businesses in the area. Keeping the scheme fresh in the minds of volunteer managers/businesses keeps the scheme alive! This will include maintaining contact with local voluntary

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Trustee (Treasurer)

Monthly Monday evening meetings in Battersea 6pm-7.30pm
Sound Minds - is a user led charity and social enterprise transforming the lives of people experiencing mental ill health through participation in its arts activities. Sound minds success and our reputation for developing and managing innovative projects has only been possible because service users run the organisation.

This transformative charity are looking for a Treasurer to join their Board of Trustees. They will check over spreadsheets and financial plans compiled by the CEO and advise the committee on financial implications of key decisions. As a board member more generally the Treasurer helps ensure the

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Trustee (Secretary)

This role requires a 12 month commitment. There will be 4 meetings per years held in the evening.
SenTalk - is a dynamic local charity dedicated to supporting children and young people with high functioning autism and attention deficit disorder living in South London. The organisation aims to support the whole family, providing training and education for parents and carers, as well as pastoral care and accessible drop-in support sessions in a range of therapeutic areas. Sen Talk also works to advocate for young individuals living with ASD or ADHD diagnosis, especially those attending mainstream education, and those not accessing sufficient support. The charity aims to empower individuals but also to raise awareness around higher functioning disabilities, which are often misunderstood.

SenTalk is looking for a Secretary for their Board of Trustees. This role plays a pivotal part in the formation of the board. The Secretary will work closely with the Chair of the Board to organise trustee meetings throughout the year, and be able to provide minutes and reports effiently and

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The South West London Law Centre (SWLLC) needed a way to help them connect with their former volunteers. A Link Up Battersea consultant stepped in to assist them.

South West London Law Centre (SWLLC) is a community based legal practice that provides advice and assistance in a range of social welfare law fields.

“I really enjoyed working with the SWLLC team, who do such great work in the local community. I hope Link Up Battersea will continue to support them.”

Georgina - volunteer consultant

The Problem: There is an increasing demand for legal advice within the community. In an effort to meet this need, SWLLC has identified the possibility of re-engaging with their former volunteers. The organisation has approximately 500 volunteers each year, many of whom provide legal advice as part of their training contract. SWLLC wanted to assess the interest of these volunteers to become part of an alumni group that would be regularly informed about SWLLC’s work and opportunities.

The Solution: Georgina is a solicitor who took on the challenge of designing a survey that would be distributed to all SWLLC current and former volunteers. She liaised closely with the SWLLC team and secured support from one of the organisation's key partner law firms. Within two months she was able to deliver a survey template that fit the needs of SWLLC.

“The work that Georgina has done will enable the charity to build up an alumni of volunteers and create a database we can turn to for support. This will help create a more sustainable charity and ensure that we continue to offer legal assistance to those that need it most.”

Shyam - SWLLC

Citizen Advice Wandsworth human resource policies needed review and updating. Pelin Buyuksarac, a Link Up Battersea volunteer, stepped in to help out.

Citizen Advice Wandsworth provides information, advice and support to over 8000 local people a year to enable them to manage their affairs and live independent and resilient lives.

“Working with Phil was a wonderful experience and I was able to use my skills to help an organisation working to improve the lives of those in need. I realised how valuable and relevant my skills still are and the experience has improved my confidence in my abilities.”

Pelin Buyuksarac - volunteer consultant

The Problem: Citizen Advice Wandsworth human resource policies were in need of review, updating and simplification. Without an HR manager, the organisation was finding it difficult to allocate the time and resources needed to complete this important piece of work.

The Solution: Pelin, who had taken time off from work to care for her two small children, decided to apply her background in human resources and organisational development and undertake the challenge of reviewing and revising the policies. She spent time over 8 months working with Phil at Citizen Advice in a way that fit around her busy schedule but also met the needs of the organisation. This was a great way for her to test out her skills once again and prove to herself that she could still deliver on a high level.

The Result:Pelin produced a revised version of the Personnel Policies and forms, incorporating all policies into an Employee Handbook. She will continue to support Citizen Advice Wandsworth to revise their volunteer policies after the summer holidays.

“Pelin’s input solved our problem! Her approach was professional and she has delivered a set of policies that will be easier to implement, administer and keep up to date in the future.”

Phil - Citizen Advice Wandsworth

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